Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Obama to take the stage in T-minus...

CHANDLER, Ariz. - About 10 students from the University of Arizona Young Democrats are representing Tucson's youth. One member of the group said they should create their own handshake for solidarity.
Intel estimated there are about 4,000 employees and guests. With the public included in the mix it could be close to 6,000 people.
Some reports falsely stated that President Barack Obama would also visit Mesa after he talked to Intel employees and their guests.
There were three different ticket types: green, orange and blue. The blue tickets are for V.I.P.s.
Gates opened a little after 12:30 p.m. but the president isn't expected to speak for a few more hours. The crowd took photos, went to the restroom and popped a squat on the pavement to rest their legs.
Some local high school students are here for a real live civics lesson. Represented are an ROTC student and a student government member from Chandler High School.
There were also people of all ages and several ethnicities were present. Intel is a multinational company with factories in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
There was a couple in support of the president. The woman was wearing a "Fight back 2012" T-shirt and her husband was donning a shirt with the president rocking some shades.
Cranes surrounded the stage and were ascending skyward like a creature of flight.
Large open-dirt lots are on the perimeter of a few skeletal buildings that seem to be ushering in a new era for this city and the state.
Intel, which is based out of Santa Clara, Calif. is continuing to expand abroad in Asia since it is a seen as a growth market.
The company is also exploring the rapidly growing tablet and smartphone markets.
One Intel employee familiar with the project said larger-than-necessary cranes are being used for the project because they were cheap and available.
"Right now (Obama's visit is being overshadowed by having to sit here for three hours," Caitlin Anderson, a UA student said.

POTUS visits Arizona... Again.

GILBERT, Ariz. - President Barack Obama in an effort to get reelected is taking a whirlwind tour of five battleground states starting with a stop in Chandler, Ariz. to highlight a new $5 billion factory that is sure to inject much need jobs and cash in this ailing state. His journey to renew his place at the White House begins a mere day after he gave his State